It all boils down to this…. SYTYCD 10 PREMIERES TONIGHT!










Tonight, the So You Think You Can Dance intro music will play to open its 10th season. Cat Deeley will walk onto the stage and encourage millions of viewers around the world to join her in welcoming the judges. Dancers like Melanie Moore, Alex Wong, Eliana Girard, Chehon Wespi-Tschopp, Billy Bell, Kent Boyd, Cyrus Spencer, Witney Carson, George Lawrence and Mark Germar have set the bar of the show extremely high in just the past two seasons. SYTYCD has always found a way to top its previous season and tonight’s premiere is not expected to break that trend.

If the outstanding group and duet routines from Season 9’s finale are any indication, this season should blow the roof on choreography and performance. Finally the singing shows are over and we dancers can relish in the works of Mia Michaels, Tyce Diorio, Christopher Scott, Mandy Moore, Sonya Tayeh, Travis Wall, Doriana Sanchez, Jason Gilkison and many more.

Are we expecting too much of Season 10… hyping it up a bit too much maybe? You won’t know unless you tune in. Be front and centre in your living room tonight and tomorrow at 9/8c watching Fox for the 2-night season premiere. Share your thoughts on the season as it unfolds in the comments.

Here’s a quick look at some of this year’s hopefuls and some helpful tidbits from host Cat Deeley.


Calendar: Praise Academy of Dance presents ‘Reflections’

Praise Academy of Dance presents its 20th season of dance entitled ‘Reflections’. The production will feature both senior and junior departments as they reminisce on 20 years of God’s faithfulness.

Saturday May 18, 7pm

Sunday May 19, 6pm

Cost: $1200

Venue: Little Theatre

Start the countdown…. SYTYCD 10!

Though your level of anticipation may already be through the roof, DANCE Jamaica will be counting down the days until the 2-night premiere of SYTYCD Season 10 next week. 

Refresh your memory and look ahead to the big event with photos and videos spanning the show’s 10 seasons:

The fresh new images gracing the official SYTYCD Facebook page were shot in what seems to be a really fun photo shoot. Here’s some behind-the-scenes footage:

I first discovered So You Think You Dance on Youtube several years ago. I saw clips that other users had posted of solos and group routines and I started following them. After a while I pieced together the happenings of the series and figured out where they were and who had won the current season. That season was Season 3, the year that Sabra Johnson took the title of America’s Favourite Dancer, the first female to do so. Sabra inspired me tremendously as a dancer that started out late in the game ( around 16 I think). Regardless of her background in gymnastics, she was an amazing dancer who brought a presence to the stage. She lit up the stage once she started and she danced 150% all the time. Only fellow dancers can understand the connection that we have with this show and the kind of hope it gives. SYTYCD has inspired me to do better and be better. For those who don’t know and even those who do, here’s a quick look at Sabra Johnson:

Feel free to share your favourite dances/dancers/memories from past seasons. My SYTYCD journey started from Season 3. If you’ve been there from the beginning then post a shout out below!


It’s Coming…. So You Think You Can Dance Season 10

The best dance show on television celebrates 10 years of phenomenal dance, extraordinary talent and award winning choreography this year. Watch this promo video to see what you can expect of SYTYCD Season 10 which premiers on May 14 & 15 on Fox. For more information on SYTYCD go to