One Love: Jamaican Blogger Tag

I was recently tagged for the first time by Robyn of Well Read Robyn in a Jamaican Blogger Tag, and of course its now my turn to continue the trend. Don’t know anything about tags? Well here are the rules:

The Rules: 

  • Title your post “One Love: Jamaican Blogger Tag”
  •  Link back to the blogger who tagged you ( you may add a brief definition of what a tag is for the benefit of your readers)
  •  Copy and paste the rules at the beginning of your tag.
  •  Copy and paste the questions as well so readers know what’s going on.
  •  Answer the questions (No duh!)
  •  Tag seven other (untagged) Jamaican bloggers to continue the trend. Kinda forces you to make friends, no?
The Questions and my answers…

            1. Why did you give your blog its name? (If it is named directly after you, try and make your answer interesting. eg: Did you feel nervous at all about putting your name out there? Did you just lack creativity at the time

DANCE Jamaica was an idea that literally came up in the middle of a working day, like a flash of lightning. Ok…. its really not that random. I am a dancer, and have been since I was 4 years old. Dance is a very big passion of mine and I’ve dreamed of working in the industry full time. Part of that comes out in my blog, merging the love of dance, the love of my country and my love of writing and media. It really was like a flash of lightning though. In the middle of doing completely unrelated things the idea came to me and I couldn’t sit still, I just had to create this blog. DANCE Jamaica is all about dance, everywhere in the world that it happens and in every form, as well as dance in Jamaica, its historic retentions, its current appearance, its inward stretch and outward reach.

  • 2. What do you think about the increase in bloggers in Jamaica?

I think its great! Media in Jamaica is growing and bloggers are becoming a big part of that growth. I think its great that we  are being recognised and given value.

  • 3. What is your favourite thing about being Jamaican?

Living in the most beautiful place on earth! AND being able to have a stake in the amazing culture and people that we are.

  • 4. Ackee and saltfish or “ (mackerel) run down”?


  • 5. Stew peas or stew chicken?

Hmmm….. I don’t eat either very often. I have to FEEL for stew peas ( u naa mean?), and well fried/jerk chicken just beats stew chicken on a normal day so it just doesn’t get picked. However, I think probably stew chicken wins this one.

  • 6. Tastee Patties, Juici Beef Patties or Mother’s?

I’m sorta bi-partisan when it comes to patties. For one, Mother’s isn’t even in the running for me. I used to be a Juici purist, if it was a patty then it was a Juici patty. Then one day, on one of my Saturday trips to Sugar and Spice to get a danish (yum!), I felt for a patty and of course Sugar & Spice sells Tastee patties. After that I just kept feeling for Tastees and I kept up the affair so long that now I frequent Tastees more than Juici. Nowadays it boils down to what I’m feeling for, but both of them make a mean patty.

  • 7. Pantucky or KFC?

Nothing is really sweeter than a 1/4 pan chicken with hardough bread and pepper sauce with ketchup on the side. ( Or maybe its the gym instructor fairy that tells me not to eat kfc that’s making me say this)

  • 8. What do you hope to be the future of blogging in Jamaica?

I hope for such a level of importance to be attributed to blogs, that our voices can really make a difference in this country. I hope that when we blog about our country we can do more than just talk. I hope our opinions make waves and are taken seriously and reach the highest levels in order to affect change for the greater good of this place that we all love.

7 Untagged Jamaican bloggers:

1. Marvellous! Musings from the Marvellous Project by Alysia Moulton-White

2. Will Insert Talent For from Zoya Alexandrova aka Knockneechic my amazing artist/dancer friend with a heart like mine for the arts

3. F[REE]DOM by Kareen McLean, a super talented singer/dancer

4. Norimac Musings by my bestie!! ( technically she’s Bajan, but dances, works and lives in Jamaica…. so there!)

5. Jamaica Weddings by Helen G Events. Though not a personal blog, as a bride to be and a lover of weddings I commend this local company on their frequency and quality of content. Their posts are really helpful and I don’t see any other wedding related company doing such a good job on blogs as they do.

6. With Love, From Kingston by my beautiful writer friend Stacey Love. I remember the days of her writing novels in notebooks. Can’t wait to see where this blog goes!

7. Journey to the Centre of God’s Heart by Ashleigh, my sister in Christ.  When I need some inspiration I go to her blog.

[Surprisingly finding 7 bloggers wasn’t that hard! :D]


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